Boron Specialties develops, manufactures, and trades in chemicals, materials, and applications that leverage the unique properties of boron, with emphasis on high-value boranes & borohydrides, particularly polyhedral and advanced isotopically-enriched compounds.  We help customers source, stock, use and safely manage boranes for R&D and at scale.  At our laboratory in Ambridge, PA, we specialize in the commercialization of new boron-based technologies for life science, electronics, energy, and other applications through product & process development, market development, product safety, and regulatory compliance management.  Boron Specialties is a privately held, woman-owned, small business.

Few people globally have Beth Bosley's experience and expertise in the product and process development, large-scale manufacture, and hazard characteristics of polyhedral boranes, borane complexes, and organoborane compounds.
Boron chemistry has a rich history.  Interest in boron hydride propellants in the 1960’s laid the foundation for the development of many important compounds in commercial use today.  Several USAF projects, including the Bomarc missile and the XB-70 Valkerie bomberand the SR-71 Blackbird, involved boron fuels in their design or operation.  Did we mention the characteristic green flame?

And boron has a high-growth future.  Inorganic and organic boron chemistries are also at the heart of many cutting edge applications in chemistry, energy, materials, and life science.  Our rocket logo reflects the literal origins of many BH compounds, and the rapid ascent of boron-based advanced technology applications that Boron Specialties will help create and commercialize.

Boron forms beautiful and useful molecular structures, many of which were discovered and described by William Lipscomb and Frederick Hawthorne.  The stylized representation of octadecaborane (B18H22) on our homepage is inspired by Lipscomb’s original hand-drawn elucidation.  
Boron Specialties is a member of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates.  Beth led SOCMA’s regulatory committee and served as its representative to the US EPA.  In partnership with SOCMA, Beth Bosley has testified several times before the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in relation to reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act.
Before starting Boron Specialties in 2010, she had twenty years in specialty chemical manufacturing, pilot operations, and in technical marketing and business development targeting both pharmaceutical and industrial markets.  Beth earned her chemistry degree from UCLA under noted boron scientist & National Medal of Science winner Prof. M. Frederick Hawthorne.