Polyhedral Boranes
B12H12  (Dodecahydrododeca-borate anion; Li, K, Na, Cs, and TEAH cations). Three-dimensional aromatic cage exhibits high heat resistance and kinetic stability. Used in pyrotechnics, electrolytes, hydrogen storage, and nanomaterial synthesis. More...
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C2B10H12  (carborane; ortho and para isomers in stock).  Used in electronics, high-temp polymers, preparation of superacids, catalysts, and nanomaterials, etc. 10B & 11B-enriched carboranes available by special order. Boron Specialties holds the DDTC license required to manufacture carborane.
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Capacity for sustained kilo-scale production  of both.
B18H22 (octadecaborane). Used for ion implantation, photochemistry applications., and research.  
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B10H10 (closo-decahydrodecaborate anion; Li, K, Na, Cs, and TEAH cations).  Stable like B12H12.  Substitution reactions can derivatize or transform into other inorganic boron hydrides.
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B10H14  (decaborane-14).  Dopant for p-type semiconductors. Thermolysis yields mono-atomic boron  useful for CVD, BN nanotube synthesis, etc. Boron-10 and -11 enriched decaborane are also available by special order.  
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B3H8  (octahydrotriborate anion). Attractive candidate for hydrogen storage.  
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