Specialty boranes, boroxines & borohydrides
Dimethylamine borane (DMAB). Used in electroless plating for co-deposition of nickel-boron, cobalt-boron, and precious metals. Also used as mild reducing agent for organic synthesis. Drum quantities always in stock (granules or water solution).  More...
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Drum quantities always in stock.
Ammonia borane (AB). At 192 gm H₂ / kg (19.5 wt%), AB is a leading candidate for chemical hydrogen storage. Also useful as a mild reducing agent for organic synthesis. Competitive pricing.  More...
Kilos in stock with capacity for larger-scale production.
Sodium cyanoborohydride Highly selective reducing agent for aldehydes, ketones, oximes, and enamines.  Available as powder or  solution in NaOH.  More...
Kilos.  Bulk readily available.
Dimethylsulfide borane  (DMSB) 10M concentrated borane source; useful alternative to making borane in situ. Shipped & stored ambient.
Kilos .  Bulk readily available.
Ethylenediamine bisborane (EDAB) Additional experimental candidate for hydrogen storage.
Research quantities.
Trimethoxyboroxine  (TMBX; CASRN 102-24-9).  A liquid borate ester, TMBX has a variety of industrial & scientific uses, as well as emerging applications in areas like lithium batteries.
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Custom borohydrides  We can prepare borohyride with a variety of counterions as well as enriched in Boron-10 and -11.
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