Chemical formula: M2B12H12•CH3OH
CASRN 12008-75-2
Mol mass: 407.61 g/mol for Cs2B12H12

Appearance:  White to off-white solid powder or granules

Purity:  98.5 g/100g min. (wt% excluding water and volatiles)

Moisture and volatiles: 10.0 g/100g max. (gross wt%)
50g & 250g bottles. 1kg & 5kg containers.
We prepare B12H12 with Li, Na, K, Cs, and TEAH cations.
Made in United States by Boron Specialties.
B12H12 anions (and halogenated and alkylated derivatives) are of interest as advanced battery electrolytes and redox shuttles, as well as nanomaterial building blocks. M2B12H12 compounds have also been long established in propellant and other pyrotechnic
Physical properties

Melting point: > 650°C

Stable to at least 400°C

Slightly solubility in hot water

Not soluble in ethers, alcohols, or hydrocarbons

Bulk density: 0.85 g/cm3
Environmental, Health & Safety
This product is not regulated as a hazardous material. Like all chemical products, Cs2B12H12 must be stored, handled, used, and disposed by qualified individuals according to the law & instructions provided on the
Dodecahydrododecaborate methanolate anion