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Boron Specialties develops, manufactures, and trades in chemicals that leverage the unique properties of boron, with a product range from borates to boranes (including polyhedral boron cages).  Our products deliver performance solutions for a variety of markets including electronics, advanced materials, aerospace / defense, and scientific research.

With a few exceptions which are noted on product detail pages, our products are manufactured by Boron Specialties in the United States (in Ambridge, PA - a city with a rich industrial heritage).

We often serve as an advanced chemistry technology development partner for our customers.  We invest in innovation and can quickly develop new products in response to emerging customer needs, global supply chain disruptions, and scientific advancements.  And we prioritize regulatory compliance and product stewardship.  


Boron Specialties is a privately held, woman-owned, small business. Founded in 2003, we transitioned to manufacturing in 2012.  The company was bootstrapped on founders’ investment and operating cash flow.  

Beth Bosley (CEO & founder) is recognized in the specialty chemical industry for her expertise in the product and process development, large-scale manufacture, and safe / efficient utilization of polyhedral boranes, borane complexes, and organoborane compounds in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Beth earned her chemistry degree from UCLA under pioneering boron scientist & National Medal of Science winner Prof. M. Frederick Hawthorne.


Boron Specialties’ lab and production capabilities support internal and customer-driven R&D and production to kilo and pilot scale. We also work with several high-quality toll manufacturers to run our processes on large scale equipment - allowing seamless scaleup and security of supply.

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