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Electronics Aerospace and defense Electrochemistry

•  Boron nitride (BN), and boron carbonitride

   (BCN) sources for deposition

•  Boron ion implantation for semiconductor


•  Polymers with extreme high temperature


•  Boron, BN, BCN, and boride source precursors

•  Electroless nickel-boron deposition

•  Propellant ingredients

•  High temperature and pre-ceramic polymers

•  Neutron detection

•  Cluster boron anions and ionic liquids for

   reversible electrodeposition and electrolytes

•  Borane and borohydride reducing agents for

   pharmaceutical and biologic synthesis

•  Scaffolds for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)

Our technology platform, including expertise, equipment, and intellectual property, is centered on R&D, scale-up, manufacturing, applications, and safe handling of boron hydride specialty chemicals.  From this core, we also extend to related products such as selected borates, products enriched in boron-10 or -11, and downstream products.

Our products meet a variety of market needs and are often used directly in high-value performance applications like the examples below.

•  Advanced neutron moderation in pressurized

   light-water nuclear reactors

•  Chemical hydrogen storage

Advanced materials Organic synthesis & BNCT

Technology & performance applications