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Sodium cyanoborohydride

Sodium cyanotrihydridoborate




62.84 g/mol

Purity:  95% by titration

11B-NMR: conforms to structure*

Appearance: white powder

* Purity by NMR reveals NaBH4 impurities that are invisible to titration.   Sodium borohydride is

   a less selective reducing agent and can appear in significant amounts in poor-quality SCBH.

Custom-packaged to customer requirements

Also available as 5M solution in 1M aqueous NaOH (product# 900-1008)

Made in USA by Boron Specialties

From grams to hundreds of kg’s.  Please inquire for lead time.

Included with shipment.  Available on request.

• Bond formation between aldehyde- and amine-containing

   molecules by reduction of Schiff’s base

• Mild reductive amination of carbonyl compounds and reduction of imines








   hazards (GHS)


Sodium cyanoborohydride (NaBH3CN)