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Developed by the U.S. Government and licensed by Boron Specialties, the carborane-siloxane polymers “PCSA” and “PCSAA” show excellent potential for performance at temperatures above other commercially available products.

Boron Specialties is commercializing three of these compounds, with initial focus on aerospace and defense applications.  All are available now in kg quantities as pre-thermoset resins.  

These products and technical information about them are subject to export control regulations.

PCSA (poly(carborane-siloxane-acetylene))

CAS 153415-67-9

Prod # 900-1110

MW (458.90)n

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para-PCSAA (poly-carborane-siloxane-p-arylacetylene)

CAS 1352140-47-6

Prod # 900-1097

MW (530.97)n

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meta-PCSAA (poly-carborane-siloxane-m-arylacetylene)

CAS n/a

Prod # 900-1111

MW (530.97)n

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Carborane-siloxane monomer

CAS 16786-43-9

Prod # 900-1087

MW 477.8

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High-Temperature Polymers based on carborane